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Check Cashing

Check Cashing Service.

Do you have your paychecks direct deposited into your banking account? Are you still receiving paper checks? Check Cashing services are located all around your city. There is probably a check cashing facility near you. As time evolves with all the new electronic ways of payment, there are still many people who currently write checks. There are numerous facilities that will still take a check as a form of payment. Grocery stores, clothing stores and many other stores will continue to accept checks. But the problem is not with writing the checks, it is the check cashing services that you are looking for.

There are many facilities that provide check cashing services. At Phoenix Payday Loan Solution, the check cashing services are always in use. Whether it is a company check, personal check or payroll check, we accept them all. The number one question that we are asked is how much are the fees for the check cashing services? The fees will vary from check to check. It is all based upon the type of check and the amount that the check is written for. The more money that you are trying to cash in, the higher the fee it will be. This is because most check cashing companies use a percentage of the total amount as a standard fee. If you are unsure of what your fee will be, contact us prior to cashing the check.

Check Cashing Pros And Cons

There are always going to be both negative and positive sides to every situation. We recommend that you investigate all information on your chosen facility to better prepare yourself for their services. Unlike banking centers, check cashing facilities are usually open late. They have more flexible hours than your standard banking center. The convenience of a check cashing facility is that you do not have to rush after work to make it time before the bank closes. Another benefit would be that there are multiple services in one facility that will help you get money. From check cashing to payday loans, we have what you are looking for all in one place.

Along with personal checks, here is a list of other checks that we accept to be cashed:

Payroll checks
Money orders
Social Security checks
Income tax refunds
SSI (Supplemental Security Income) checks
Company checks
Unemployment checks
Cashiers checks
Checks made payable to a company
Government checks

Even though any people consider check cashing centers as helpful places that loan money, there could also be a hefty price that goes along with it. People actually protest the check cashing facilities for exploiting to the customer. They believe that companies who try to force their customers into outrageous fees are scamming the community. By charging such a high fee for the services they provide, they are setting up customers for failure. The most common problem is being electronic. If you are an old-fashioned individual who does not use the computer, it could be very difficult to use the technical aspect of the service. Many people like to pay their payments on the internet. But in this situation, we are talking about electronically depositing your checks into your account. If you do not have a bank account, then this will not apply to you.

Aside from all the convenience of using a check cashing facility, you may also run into problems. The majority of check cashing centers stays open late, so your security could be questioned. Seeing as how there are numerous types of checks that are cashed, you are running the risk of carrying out lots of money in your hands. Imagine being out in the dark and you just recently cashed your payroll check. You would be walking out of the store in the dark with cash on you. This has frightened many people into only using check cashing services during the daytime.

Deciding on a location to cash your check cash be a difficult decision. It is a personal choice between a check cashing facility or a banking center. No matter what type of check you need cashed, we have the services you are needing. If you have any questions about the fees associated with our check cashing services, please call us. Our associates will help answer all of your questions regarding any of our services. We look forward to speaking with you.


Customer Reviews
Check Cashing Service.
Check Cashing
Date Published: 04/14/2015
Thank you for your check cashing services. It really came in handy when I needed my payroll check cashed.
5 / 5 stars
Check Cashing Service.
Check Cashing
Date Published: 05/07/2015
I didn't have to wait in line like I normally do at the bank. I got my check cashed within 5 minutes of arriving there. Fast service.
5 / 5 stars
Check Cashing Service.
Check Cashing
Date Published: 06/10/2015
I forgot to send in my papers to have my employer direct deopist my paycheck into my banking account. So I had to use a check cashing center. I had never used a facility like this so I didnt't know what to expect. It was an easy process that was pretty fast. Thanks for the great service.
5 / 5 stars

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