Payday Loan Service.

Learn about a payday loan today! Not only will it help give you money that you not have had, but it will allow you to have money until your next paycheck. And you can spend it on whatever you need. Check it out today! You won\'t be sorry. More »

Cash Advance Service.

Enjoy our Cash Advance Service. This offer allows you to borrow any amount of money for your personal needs. With the ease of our flexible payments, you can repay on your own schedule. You will never have to worry about debt again. More »

In Store Loan Service.

See more about the In Store Loan Service that is provided for all our customers. If you are needing a loan for financial assistance, this is a great option for you. Learn more about all the loans we offer. More »

Check Cashing Service.

Take advantage of the Check Cashing Services. No more waiting in bank lines before closing time. Jump to the front of the line with our convenient store hours and locations. Low fees and no gimmicks. More »


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At Phoenix Payday Loan Solution, it is important to talk with our customers. That is why, the door to our business is always open. Whether you have a great compliment or a complaint that needs to be addressed, our ears are always listening.The staff is always ready to handle any situation that may happen while being employed here. If you are having an issue with the services, staff or the company in general, we would like to know. As a convenience to all of the customers, you are able to submit your concerns through this webpage. This contact us page allows you to contact us directly. Once a staff member reviews your submission, that staff member will repsond to you by email or phone in a timely manner.

However, if you feel that your concerns need to be addressed promptly, we suggest that you contact us directly by phone. We would not want to prolong your concerns any further. It is a pleasure to serve our community with financial assistance. It is very pleasing to receive emails regarding the services that we provided to the customers and how their lives were changed because of them. Those stories are always touching to the Payday Loan Solution family. If you have submitted a touching story that we would love to share, a staff member will contact you directly for permission. You can also use this, contact us form for questions to a direct staff member. For business loans to payday loans, this contact us form can be used for any inquiries you may have.

As always, it has been a pleasure to provide our loan services to you, your family and the rest of the community. It is because of helping people with finances that has truly made our job better. We wish everyone good luck with their financial situation. If you are interested in our services, use this, contact us form for any and all of your questions.

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