Payday Loan Service.

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Cash Advance Service.

Enjoy our Cash Advance Service. This offer allows you to borrow any amount of money for your personal needs. With the ease of our flexible payments, you can repay on your own schedule. You will never have to worry about debt again. More »

In Store Loan Service.

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Check Cashing Service.

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Our Staff

Meet Our Staff.

Phoenix Payday Loan Solution recognizes each and every staff member we have. Not only is there a dedicated team that works well together, but also keeps the interest of the customer a priority. It is important to understand that helping every customer is a passion to every employee. It takes a special person to truly care about someone, including a stranger, in their personal time of need. Dealing with a financial struggle can be very difficult in their life. But knowing that we have a fully dedicated staff is what brings the compassion out from the company. It is a pleasure to let Phoenix Payday Loan Solution handle all of your personal finances.

Getting out of debt can be a process that many people do not want to go through alone. That is why the staff is always there and ready to answer any questions you may have. All of the staff has gone through continual training to ensure the education of each staff member is current with the economy today. It is important that each staff member can communicate, relate and understand the financial crisis that the customers have. That is why each staff member will continue all educational classes to stay up to date.

We enjoy working with every one of our customers on a personal and business level. By providing multiple services, you can be assured that you will get the financial assistance that you need. We look forward to working with each and every one of you in the future. Thank you and have a great day!

Bob Collins
Meet Bob. Bob has been the President of this company for 5 years now. In his spare time, he has continued his education with his financial degree to always keep the company on track. He truly believes in helping others financially.
Jennifer Dapper
Vice President
This is Jennifer. She was recently promoted to VP within the past few years. Jennifer is a great asset to this company by creating new ways to help the community financially. Thank you for all of your hard work ethics, Jennifer.
Kevin Mays
Payday Loan Specialist
This is Kevin. He continues to wow this company with his outstanding payday loan services. He goes above and beyond to help every customer receive money they need. Keep up the great work Kevin.
Jose Hernandez
Cash Advance Specialist
Jose is our new Cash Advance Specialist. He recently graduated college with a degree in finances. He will be a great addition to the Phoenix company. We look to seeing you excel.
Timothy Kane
Business Loan Specialist
Meet Timothy. He is one of our longest employed associates. He has dedicated himself to this company to ensure that people with small businesses are able to get financial assistance.
Phillip Smith
Check Cashing Specialist
Meet Phillip. Phillip was currently awarded Employee of The Month for the highest amount of services provided for one month. Phillip enjoys helping his local community in their time of financial needs.